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Welcome to Agrarking.com - your online store for agriculture, animal husbandry, home & garden, veterinary supplies and pets

Good service and fair prices have always been our motto. Since 1992 we have been active in the trade with livestock supplies, feed and pasture fences. After many years as a direct supplier, we have specialized in online trade. The experience of our loyal employees in combination with modern technology and interest in new developments lead to a completely new shopping experience for our customers. Our focus is on livestock supplies for poultry, dogs and cats, rabbits and rodents, but also large animals such as cows, cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and goats.

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Animal husbandry and agriculture are a multifaceted topic. Farmers are constantly trying to improve and modernise their farms, be it by converting the barn lighting to LED spotlights and LED tubes, or by taking measures to improve animal welfare by providing them with exercise material and scouring facilities. But consumables are also constantly needed: sometimes there is no multi-purpose grease to lubricate the machines, then the udder paper runs out or the can of milking grease is empty. It's a similar situation in the pigsty, because the cattle marker spray is almost used up and during the last stamping of the pigs, two numbers and letters for the stamps fell into the slurry pit. Speaking of slurry pits and canals, since Active NS was bedded here, emissions have noticeably decreased, the slurry has become more homogeneous and is much easier to pump and stir. Both professional farmers and hobby livestock farmers have to face the adversities of nature and always make sure that their animals are supplied with water. In winter, when there is frost, they use watering troughs with built-in thermostats or heating cables for water pipes that prevent freezing. In summer, livestock keepers rely on pasture pumps, barrel-grown drinking troughs and drinking basins to ensure that their cattle are supplied with water. If the nuisance caused by horseflies becomes too strong in the pasture, horsefly traps or insect repellents can be used. But there are also annoying insects in the house, on the farm and in the garden that can be repelled by traps, sprays and powders. If voles and rats are up to mischief in the garden, the use of self-shooting voles, pincer traps and live traps can be effective against them, but please always bear in mind that "the mole is protected and may not be hunted". Care for, protect and provide for these activities are the focus of the work of farmers and livestock keepers, and we at Agrarking.de would like to help with our range of products.

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If you are now thinking "yet another shop for feed, animal husbandry, animal breeding, pasture fencing and work protection", we cannot stop you, but we would like to give you a few reasons that speak for us at Agrarking.de: Why should you shop at agrarking.com?

  • "Good goods at a reasonable price" reads one customer review
  • Over 2000 articles in the assortment
  • Fast shipping is our trademark, quote: "super fast delivery, goods 1+".
  • Parcel shipping only with DHL or DPD
  • Secure payment methods
  • Friendly advice by mail and telephone
  • Family business with a long tradition and expertise
  • Training company "We do - we train" IHK Oldenburg
And, were we able to dispel your concerns? We offer service, speed and a large selection at fair prices. We think you should try it out! And we believe you will then become a fan of Agrarking.com

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